Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria was visiting a town in Northern England to open a new hospital.

The town mayor made an announcement that in honour of the occasion, the town would name a road after the Queen.

The first road that was suggested was a residential road, and the suggested name was "Victoria Mews". Sadly, the Queen didn't like the idea of giving her name to that road.

As she said, "We are happy to be a city-center street, but we are not a Mews!"


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The Best River

Two men were having a heated argument about which was the most impressive river in the world. The first man was an Egyptian, and was quite confident that the Nile was absolutely the best river in the world - he cited the stunning scenery and the thousands of years of history around it. The other man was an American, who believed that the Mississippi was better. He talked about the way the river had helped to open up the continent, and the great cities that had developed along its banks.
They argued about it for hours, until finally, another fellow stepped in, and was finally able to stop the argument.
He managed to convince them that both rivers were equally impressive, because, after all as everyone knows - The Miss. is as good as the Nile


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Cheap Motorcycle

You'd never believe it, but I bumped into a famous stuntman in a motorcycle shop the other day.
He was complaining because he couldn't decide whether to buy a bike with a high top speed but poor acceleration, or one with lots of torque and a fast acceleration but a poor top speed.
Eventually he decided on the second one because it cost a lot less.
After all, torque is cheap.


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