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Shaggy Dog Stories (random) (list) (?)
The long and winding groaner.

One-Liner Puns (random) (list) (?)
Short and to the point.

Dotty Definitions (random) (list) (?)
What did you say it meant?

Nutty Names (random) (list) (?)
Wacky book author names

Spoonerisms (random) (list) (?)
The original mud wordling

Tom Swifties (random) (list) (?)
....Tom said, swiftly.

Other Wordplays (random) (list)
Any other wordplay?

And in case you've had enough of puns:
A collection of non-punny jokes

Thought for the day (random) (list)
Witty quips, quotes, captions and comments.

Other Jokes (random) (list)
Couldn't categorise them. They're still funny though!

Featured cartoons
Punny comics, reproduced with permission.

The Pun-ter, by Simon Champion.
(random) (latest) (home page)

Gander Toons, by Peter Gander.
(random) (latest)

Pun Krock, by Ken Fogel.
(random) (latest) (home page)

When Words Collide, by Michael Croce.
(random) (latest) (home page)

Strange Breed, by Steve Langille.
(random) (latest) (home page)

Puntoons, by Mack Rowe.
(random) (latest)

Punny Cartoons, by Prof Zounds.
(random) (home page)

Unlikely Stories, by Mike Stype.
(latest) (home page)

Deep End & Fleagor, by Anton Ballard.*
Deep End: (random) (latest)
Fleagor: (random) (latest)

(* Some featured comics are no longer being updated)
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