Fish Latin.

Caviar Emptor - Beware of the fish.
Carp Diem - Seize the fish.
Veni, Vidi, Fishy - I came, I saw, I fished.
Cod Erat Demonstrandum - Proving the fish.
Squid pro quo - Done a fishy deal.
Tempus Fish-it - Time flies when you're fishing.
Prima Fishy - First fish.

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Left or right?

If you can only go left or right, and you know that left isn't right, then by a process of elimination, right must be right because it's the only way left.


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Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.


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London Drunks

Three drunks were walking past the England National Stadum, in London.
The first one says "Look - ish Wembley!"
The second one says "Nah - itsh Thurshday."
The third one says "Thatsh a good idea - letsh get a drink."


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There once was a man named Duck
Who drove to Duck River in a truck.
When he got there
Some dude threw a spear
Said a River Duck duck, "Duck, Duck!"


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