Hello. My name is Simon Champion, and I'm the owner and creator of BadPuns.com. I've been creating websites since not long after the concept was first invented, but while many of my other sites have come and gone, this one has always been around.

BadPuns.com was first launched in May 2000, and has been going strong ever since. The site thrives on jokes sent in by visitors, so please use the Submit a Joke page to send them in. A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted jokes over the years.

Features of the site:

  • Intelligent joke search which can find relevant jokes even when the word is spelled differently in the joke text.
  • Comics - Yes, as well as bad jokes, I'm also the creator of some truly badly drawn comics. And they're just as punny as the jokes.
  • Joke Of The Day! The site will pick a fresh joke to feature on the home page every day. This joke will also be posted to our twitter feed.
  • Random jokes: Click the random joke links and explore the site.

Note that the site previously carried several other comic strips. However none of these comics are still being drawn, and the comics that remained on the site had been there for a long time, so I have taken the decision to remove them. I am open to the idea of featuring some new comics though, so if you are an artist drawing punny comics that you think would look good on the site, please get in touch.

For this or any other contact, please use the Contact Us page.