Going to the Game

There was once a small stick near the top of a tree in the park, who loved sports. He loved watching people come to the park to play football, or other sports. He was so pleased that he was in the park, so he could see all the games going on.

But one day, he overheard some people talking about going to "The Game". He became interested, and listened intently, and was amazed to discover that even more exciting games were played in another "park" not far away.

He made a decision to go to this park to watch the games there.

So the next day, he dropped off the tree - as sticks frequently do - but this one wasn't dead... he was going to "The Game".

So he went off in the right direction, and after a while he found the place that the people called "The Park". It didn't look much like a park, but there were lots of people around talking about the game, so he assumed he'd found the right place, and he tried to get in.

Unfortunately, he hadn't realised when he looked down from the top of the tree that people were so much bigger and heavier than he was - he weighed next to nothing compared to everyone else there. The people weren't looking out for a small stick trying to get in with them, and because he was so small and not very heavy, he kept getting kicked and trampled and tripped.
Finally, he got into the game, and he had a great time cheering for one side and jeering at the other. But getting out of the stadium afterwards was even harder.

When he eventually got back to his tree, he was in terrible shape (sticks don't stand up well to being trampled and tripped). The other sticks were horrified that he had gone to such lengths to see a game.

"We knew it would happen," they said, "it's so common, they've even got a saying for it....."

"Tripping the light fan stick."

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