Emperor Chicken

Hundreds of years ago, in ancient Rome, a chicken was minding her own business, pecking away at the dust and making the occasional cluck-cluck-cluck noise.

Our lowly chicken didn't know it, but she was only a few streets away from the very heart of Rome, the Emperor's palace, the seat of all power.

One day, our chicken heard a strange noise coming from down the road, and being an inquisitive sort of chicken, she decided to investigate.

She walked down the road, around a corner, under an arch, across a courtyard, into a building, through a doorway, and finally ended up in a room full of people rushing about making something.

She hopped up onto a table to get a better look, and she was amazed when she saw what they were doing. She was in a huge kitchen, and the people were busy preparing a dish made of delicious-looking fresh lettuces.

As soon as she saw it, she let out a squawk of excitement. And that was when all the busy people stopped being busy and turned to look at her.

Before she knew it, she was being carried through wide corridors with intricate patterned floors and lined with ornate statues. At first she was afraid, but eventually they arrived at a grand room with vaulted ceilings and important-looking men in robes. She had been brought for an audience with the Roman Senate itself!

The senators conferred among themselves, until eventually one of them turned and spoke.

"We have agreed that this chicken should be made Emperor of all Rome. With immediate effect!" he proclaimed.

"After all, it's not every day that a Chicken Caeser Salad."


Submitted by: Simon Champion
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