Russian Canyon

In the early 1900s, the president of America went to visit Russia. Of course, Russia was still ruled by the Czar back then, and the American President was warmly welcomed by the whole Russian royal household.

As the two leaders and their entourages were dining one day, in one of the huge dining rooms in the palace, the Americans were telling the Russians about some of the great things in their country. One of the topics of conversation was the Grand Canyon in Colorado. Of course, the American were quite boastful about this being the largest canyon in the world, when suddenly, from the head of the table, the Czar stood up,and made an announcement.

"In Russia," he said, "we have a canyon even bigger than your Grand Canyon!"

Now no-one was going to stand up and contradict the Czar, but of course no-one believed him either.

Finally, the American president stood up, and said "Okay. Let's see this canyon then."

So an expedition was organised. Of course, their destination was way out in the remote wilderness, and they only had horses to travel with, so the going was slow. But eventually, after several weeks gruelling journey, they finally arrived at where the canyon was supposed to be.

But there wasn't one. Not even a little one.

And then it dawned on everyone - he had been using Czar chasm to make them look stupid.

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