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Info site info and instructions is a jokes site, with an emphasis on puns and other wordplay. This page contains information about the site, and details of some of the features.

  • Searching for jokes: You can search our database for a topic. Click here to search, or here to read the search instructions page.
  • Forum: has it's own jokes forum. You may use this to post any jokes you like (though preferably punny ones). This is especially good fun for joke threads, where there may be several replies with other jokes on the same topic.
  • Mail a joke: You can now send jokes to your friends directly from the site. Every jokes page has a form at the end. Feel free to use it to send jokes to your friends.
  • Cartoons: The Punter is's own cartoon strip. Several other cartoons are featured on the site as well. Clicking the 'random' link by them will display a random strip, from a pre-chosen selection of their punniest work. To see the rest of their work, click their 'homepage' links.
  • Jokes: Our jokes are categorised for easy surfing. In the future, there are plans to increase the number of categories.
  • Linking: If you wish to link to (or to have a link to your site on our links page), please read the linking info page.
    It is possible to link directly to a specific joke. This is useful for external links to the site, and also for sending an email containing the link.
    If you wish to use this feature, use a URL in the following format:
    (where "xxxx" represents the section and joke name you want to link to. The joke name is displayed below all the jokes, along with it's number. You can use the number in your links too, but this is not recommended, as the numbers change when new jokes are added to the database.
    (NB: this link has changed - the old links will remain online for a while yet, but you should change to the new ones)
  • New jokes: To get the most recently added joke or cartoon from any section, use a URL as above, but with "itemnum=1" in place of the itemname parameter.
  • Banners: If you wish to advertise on the site, or have any other comment regarding this, please get in touch using the contact us page.
  • Merchandise: has a small range of merchandise available, courtesy of CafePress. Please support this site by buying something, or suggesting a product you think we should carry.
  • Random links: There are a couple of random links to external sites on our main page. Please feel free to use these and enjoy going somewhere unexpected. Please note however that the contents of the page you get to is completely out of our control.
  • Tell a friend: has a "Tell a friend" facility on our main page. Please use it to pass on to your friends.
  • Guestbook: If you've enjoyed, please fill in the guestbook.
  • RSS/XML Newsfeed: If you have a compatible reader, you can now get jokes fed directly onto your desktop. Use the following link to access the XML feed: is entirely the work of one man - Simon Champion, with a little help from all the folks who have submitted jokes. I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me, with submissions, advice or ideas. Thanks guys!

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