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About The Pun-ter

The Pun-ter is a single-panel cartoon strip drawn by Simon Champion.

I started drawing these cartoons some years ago, really just for fun. Until recently though, they were just "Funny cartoons by Simon Champion'. I had them on my home page and on Aminet, but I didn't really try to promote them.

Early in the year 2000, I registered the domain name After the initial suprise at finding the domain was still available, I set about making it into as good a jokes web site as I could manage. Part of the site was a section for punny cartoons. I gathered together all my drawings, and contacted a few other cartoonists who had drawn stuff I thought would fit into the site, and put them all onto the site.

For a while, I still didn't draw many more cartoons, but around June of 2000, I found I was getting more ideas, so I started drawing more frequently. There's now usually one new Pun-ter cartoon each month, and occasionally more than one. So with an expanding archive, I have now set up this site as a seperate site specifically for the cartoons, although they are still available on the main BadPuns site.

In August 2002, I discovered a company called CafePress, who offer a service producing customised merchandise and selling it online. They are now supplying a range of BadPuns and Pun-ter products. Click here to see the products.

You can contact me by email by writing to Please let me know what you think of this site and my cartoons.

*NB: The Pun-ter cartoons are copyright by Simon Champion. All rights reserved.
1. You may not them alter in any way.
2. You may not display them on a website or elsewhere without permission.

If you wish to use them on your own web site, please contact me first. I will usually give permission if you ask.