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Cartoons and comics:
  • Fotoonz - Punny 3D computer-generated pictures. Good fun, and very original.
  • Pun Krock - A series of great punny comics, now featured on
  • Freefall - One of the few 'story cartoons' I read. Brilliantly drawn, very funny, good characters, and a great storyline.
  • When Words Collide - home of a new punny cartoon strip to be featured on
  • Strange Breed - Single panel cartoons. Often very funny. Three times per week.
  • WebComics - Links to loads of comic strips on the web.
  • The Punmaster - More punny cartoons.
  • Punny cartoons - By Prof Zounds!
  • Unlikely Stories - By Michael P. Stype.

Puns and other Joke sites:
  • Shop Horror - A site cataloging punny store names... with photos of the shop-fronts to prove the crimes!
  • PunGents - A brand new puns site, with some seriously groan inducing one-liners.
  • Pun Liners - Another puns site with some good jokes. Formerly known as
  • Opundo - An unusual site with all manner of wordplay, and an upside-down look on life.
  • Puns at - A fascinating and detailed article about puns. Well researched, and worth a read.
  • Funny Stuff Central - A new jokes site, with a good range of jokes.
  • Funnybox - "We couldn't afford a farm, so we got a box"... says it all, really.
  • Oh Pun Your Browser - Plenty of puns to sink your teeth into, and links to loads of other sites.
  • Pun Of The Day - Another site specialising in puns.
  • The International Save the Pun Foundation - What a great name! And quite an amusing site too.
  • The Straight Jacket - Zany and crazy, and altogether pretty wild.
  • HumorSource - Rating and reviews of jokes, and links to other jokes sites.
  • Jerry & Jenny's - A mailling list sending out clean jokes every week.
  • WitWords - Words of humor and inspiration.
  • Rose's Really Bad Pun Page - Punny homepage. Some good jokes here, and some good links too.


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