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Chocolate covered peanuts     (Search for similar jokes)
Man goes to his doctor with a peanut stuck in his left ear.
"What can I do to get it out?" he asks pathetically.
The doctor takes a look, and says "Pour warm chocolate in the right ear and tilt your head."
"How on Earth will that help?" asks the bewildered patient.
"Easy", replies the Doc, "When the chocolate cools it should come out a treat....."
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Enrolling in Theological College     (Search for similar jokes)
A man wanted to become a priest, so he went to a theological college to enroll. But when he arrived, he was met at the gates, and given his degree without even having to step into the college.
When he asked why, they said that it had been pre-ordained.
(preordained: 42 of 69)

Visit to the bank     (Search for similar jokes)
A wealthy investor walked into a bank and said to the bank manager, "I would like to speak with Mr. Reginald Jones, who I understand is a tried and trusted employee of yours."
The banker said, "Yes he certainly was trusted. And he will be tried as soon as we catch him."
(banker: 43 of 69)

Twig in the soup!     (Search for similar jokes)
"Waiter, there's a twig in my Bird's Nest Soup."
"Just a moment, sir, I'll call the Branch Manager."
(twig: 44 of 69)

Photocopier     (Search for similar jokes)
What's the difference between a photocopier and the flu? One makes facsimiles; the other makes sick families.
(photocopier: 45 of 69)

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