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Bird Watching     (Search for similar jokes)
Making spoonerisms is a bit like bird watching.
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Spare Quegs?     (Search for similar jokes)
Square pegs. Round holes.
Spare Quegs. Hound Rolls.
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Raining Cats And Dogs     (Search for similar jokes)
A couple went to a pet shop and ended up buying a lion (as you do). The shop owner had told them that unfortunately the lion had an odd allergy to wet weather and that raindrops would actually hurt it.
One day the lion was outside when the couple heard cries form the garden. "What's that noise?" asked the man. "It's the lion", his wife replied, "it's roaring with pain."

(Submitted by Peter Halpin)
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Touchdown!     (Search for similar jokes)
Two American Football teams are on a tour of Europe and have a quiz to see which team can name most places in Holland. The game was won by a single Dutch Town.
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Bad Manners     (Search for similar jokes)
A child was misbehaving by protesting loudly and rudely, waving boards with crazy slogans on, while guests were visiting. He was punished for having mad banners.
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