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Roman Mathematics     (Search for similar jokes)
The Romans didn't find algebra very challenging, because X was always 10.
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New Dress     (Search for similar jokes)
One lady told a friend, "Whenever I'm down in the dumps I buy myself a dress."
The other one said, "I've always wondered where you got them."
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Fishcake     (Search for similar jokes)
A guy goes into a fish and chip shop carrying a goldfish bowl.
He asks the assistant, "Do you do fishcakes?"
The assistant replies, "Yes, of course we do"
The guy then asks, "Can you make one for my goldfish, it's his birthday next week"
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Found some Invisible Ink     (Search for similar jokes)
Q: What should you never do if you find some invisible ink?

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Onions and Bagpipes     (Search for similar jokes)
Q: What is the difference between an onion and a set of bagpipes?
A: No body cries when you chop up a set of bagpipes.
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