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The Buffalo and his Son     (Search for similar jokes)
What did the papa buffalo say to the baby buffalo before he went to work?
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Owl Jokes     (Search for similar jokes)
I've got a great joke about owls. Very witty. But I don't know who to inflict my wit upon.
I've been thinking: to-wit to-who?
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Concert In A Thunderstorm     (Search for similar jokes)
A certain band director was standing outside on a metal ladder during a concert, when a thunderstorm broke out.
Amazingly, he wasn't hit by lightning, but the music was awful - it seems he just wasn't a good conductor.
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The Anguished Cries Of the Punster's Victims     (Search for similar jokes)
I told a joke which was so punny that the cries of anguish of my listener were heard miles away, carried on the breeze.
You could say it was Groan With The Wind.
(groan_wind: 254 of 413)

Unemployed Jesters     (Search for similar jokes)
An unemployed jester is nobody's fool.
(fool: 255 of 413)

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