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Searching for a joke on

Searching for a joke on The search facility on is based on keywords. Each joke has a list of keywords attached to it. You enter your search string, and each joke's keywords list is searched for any of the words you entered.
With this in mind, here are some tips and things to bear in mind when you search the jokes database:
  • Search using generic words. You will get more results for "food" than for "pasta", for example.
  • Keep your search criteria wide. The database contains hundreds of jokes, but narrow search criteria can easily leave you with no results. Use variations on a word or topic to broaden your search: for example, don't just search for "teenagers"; rather search for "teenagers, kids, schools, colleges" - the more words you search for, the more results you will get back.
  • Don't worry about getting too many results - the database contains hundreds of jokes, but even a very broad search is unlikely to give you more than a few dozen results.
  • Don't search for common words like "and" or "the" - they will probably not provide any meaningful results. Also, some of the most common words are excluded from the search automatically.
  • Use root words where possible. Avoid plurals, and words ending with "-ing" or "-ed". They're less likely to be found by the search.
  • Try alternate spellings or similar words.
  • The search looks for jokes based on keywords within the joke, not the joke type. For example, searching for "puns" will only get you jokes about puns, not jokes that are puns.
  • If you want to see all jokes in a particular category, the 'List' option against each joke section is better than using the search. The Random Joke feature is also useful if you're not sure what you're looking for.
  • This search (along with all other parts of this site) are always in development. If you have any problems or suggestions, I'd appreciate any comments you may have regarding the search facility.

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