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Caveats was launched in May 2000, and is a free humor site focusing on puns and word play.

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  • is a family safe site. Our jokes do not contain obscenity, racism or other offensive material. If you find anything like this on the site, please tell us, and we will remove it. This applies especially to the forum and guestbook. We do watch these areas, but please let us know if you see something.
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  • Copyright: Site layout and design Copyright by Simon Champion; The Pun-ter cartoons Copyright by Simon Champion; Other cartoons Copyright their respective authors; Text jokes are mostly often-repeated, but some may be individually credited to the submitter if requested (nb: this only applies to longer jokes; not one-liners, etc).

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Copyrights, Statements and Disclaimers:   (read more) was launched in May 2000, and is a free humor site focusing on pun jokes and word play.

This is a family safe web site: Our jokes may make you groan, but they are all clean. However, if you have a problem with anything on this site, please let us know. will try to ensure that sites linked from here also meet our standards, but they are not under our control, so we cannot take responsibility for any external contents.

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