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The Pun-Ter, by Simon Champion.
Frequency: Irregular
Puns: Always.
Format: Single-panel colour strips, always featuring a pun.
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When Words Collide, by Michael Croce.
Frequency: Weekly (usually)
Puns: Always.
Format: Single-panel colour strips always featuring a pun.
(random) (latest) (home page)

Pun Krock, by Ken Fogel.
Frequency: Unknown
Puns: Always.
Format: Single-panel line-drawn strips always featuring a pun.
(random) (latest) (home page)

Strange Breed, by Steve Langille.
Frequency: Weekly
Puns: Often.
Format: Single-panel black+white strips depicting odd situations.
(random) (latest) (home page)

Deep End & Fleagor, by Anton Ballard.
Frequency: No new comics being drawn.
Puns: Often.
Format: Single-panel black+white or colour strips depicting odd situations. Fleagor comics feature a cast of characters; Deep End are one-off comics.
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Not featured, but still recommended

Freefall, by Mark Stanley.
Frequency: Thrice-Weekly.
Puns: Rare.
Format: Three-panel black+white strips plotting the story of Sam, Helix and Florence.
(home page)

FoToonZ, by Gordon Syerson.
Frequency: Twice a week.
Puns: Often.
Format: Large computer-rendered single panel comic scenes.
(home page)

Bartoon Central, by Michal Barter.
Frequency: Unknown.
Puns: Sometimes.
Format: Single or multi-panel black+white strips, depicting odd situations.
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